Last updated: January 24, 2019

Current Projects

Workout Mobile Apps - CrossFit workout generator and travel workout apps on iOS, Android and Amazon. Collectively downloaded 300,000+ times
Spanish Verb App - A mobile application (using React Native) to learn verb conjugation in Spanish.
Fitness websites and resources - I've a bunch of fitness websites and tools that I build to help people in their quest to get fitter. I firmly believe that getting fitter can change anyone's life for the better and want to help people do that.

Completed Projects

Personalization SaaS - Worked briefly on a B2B personalization app that helped users personalize their website without code. Had a full working prototype and some users but I decided I'd prefer to spend my free time on fitness/learning related projects :)
Routine Tracker - I've tried a lot of habit / consistency tracking apps and they never really suited me. So I've built a simple (progressive web) app to help track my performance against my "foundational" habits. For anyone interested, the best habit tracker I came across was the open source "Loop - Habit Tracker" on Android.
Financial Tracking - A financial tracking app (related to my post linked). It's for myself but I may open it to others if there is interest.
The Landing Page Analyzer - Something I worked on in my current role in growth marketing with Unbounce.
This website! - Finally got around to updating my site. For this I used Hugo, a static site generator (
Smart Connect - Software for optimizing internal recruiters and talent acquisition professionals' LinkedIn process. This was short lived but my first success at a SaaS offering and taught me a lot.
Spanish speaking bot - A bot to improve listening and speaking in Spanish
Others - Other projects that I haven't got over to moving to this website yet :)